A Loyal Companion: A 190-pound furry friend greets the mailman with open paws, spreading joy and love every day.

Fronky, a lovable Bull Mastiff, has a daily routine that he sticks to without fail. As soon as the morning sun peeks through the window, he rushes to the door and begs his mother to let him out. Once outside, he patiently sits and waits in the front yard.

Fronky eagerly anticipates the arrival of his dear friend Shaun, a mailwoman whom he considers his best pal. Their friendship blossomed when Fronky was just a seven-week-old pup, and since then they have been inseparable. Whenever Shaun is preparing to visit their house, Fronky’s tail starts wagging uncontrollably, and if she takes too long, he becomes restless. Despite growing into a 180-pound dog, Fronky still respects boundaries and never crosses the fence. Shaun lost her chocolate lab previously, and Fronky seems to fill that void with his cuddles and affection.

According to Eileen, spending some time with Fronky is a refreshing change for Shaun and it gives her something to anticipate. Shaun and Fronky have an amazing friendship where Shaun often drops by to meet Fronky on her off days. Eileen mentioned that Shaun has become a part of their family and they eagerly wait for her to visit them every day. Whenever Fronky hears Shaun’s voice, he goes wild with excitement.

According to Hill’s Pets, Fronky’s fondness for Shaun is uncommon for his breed. Bullmastiffs are typically affectionate and kind towards their family members due to their gentle and relaxed personalities, making them a great fit for families with well-behaved children. However, when it comes to strangers, they tend to become cautious and apprehensive. Therefore, it’s likely that Fronky considers Shaun a part of his family, which is heartwarming. Eileen also expressed her admiration for the mutual love between the two and how excited they are to spend time together.

Fronky is a charming and massive dog who has an adorable companion. It’s heartwarming to witness the bond between the two of them. For more delightful pictures and clips of Fronky, do check out his Instagram page.

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