A Resilient Pup: How One Woman Saw the True Spirit of a Dog Overlooked Due to Deformity

Looks don’t define beauty, what’s inside counts more. If we were to strip away our outer appearances, we’d all look pretty similar. What truly matters is our inner beauty. Sadly, Lucky had to deal with people who judged him based solely on his physical appearance, which is a shame!

Lucky was born with a significant facial deformity. He came into this world at a puppy mill and ended up in a shelter where finding him a new home proved to be a challenge. People would take one look at him and be taken aback by his appearance.

Fortunately, Lucky found a new home through adoption, but unfortunately, his new owners didn’t treat him any better. In his first home in Austin, Lucky was forced to spend all of his time outside because he didn’t get along with the family’s cats. He was chained to a tree and left alone with no safe place to sleep and not enough food. Clearly, he wasn’t given the love and attention he deserved. When his family chose to move, they decided to surrender Lucky instead of bringing him with them because he wasn’t considered a part of their family. Sadly, Lucky was passed around from one home to another, enduring neglect and mistreatment at every turn.

Lucky was fortunate enough to be adopted once more, but it was unfortunate that he was abandoned by his new family shortly thereafter. The dog, ironically named Lucky, had no luck at all.

Everything shifted when a fortunate incident unfolded on social media. A volunteer from the shelter took Lucky to the groomer and shared pictures of the beautiful pooch on their account. These pictures caught the eye of Jamie Hult, a friend of the volunteer, who was smitten with Lucky’s appearance. She was so taken with the dog that she immediately expressed her interest in adopting him.

Jamie stumbled upon a dog in the dog rescue community and knew she had to have it. With a sense of urgency, Jamie quickly contacted the necessary individuals to express her desire to adopt the pup rather than simply foster it.

Regrettably, Lucky was not in a good condition and needed extensive medical attention from a veterinarian. He was suffering from fleas and heartworms, and he was also malnourished. However, Jamie was not worried about his health issues and was determined to have him as her pet. She was ready to spend her money and love on him.

Lucky was faced with a lengthy journey, but thanks to top-notch medical attention, he made a full recovery! As he settled into his new home, with a new owner and a fresh start, he also acquired a new moniker: Toxic Tox.

I decided to call him Beaux Tox because he looks like he could use some botox, but that’s not a problem. We appreciate beauty in all its forms. The reason why I haven’t gotten botox myself is because taking care of my dog’s needs costs a lot of money! I think Jamie has the perfect outlook and mindset that Beaux needs, don’t you agree?

For one year now, they have been happily married. Beaux is now a contented young dog who enjoys a joyful life. Gone are the days when he was bound to trees, spent lonely nights in shelters or faced discrimination due to his looks. The only thing that surrounds him now is pure love from those who cherish him.

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