Angelina Jolie Enjoys a Late-Night Shopping Spree at Saint Laurent in Beverly Hills, Embracing Her Natural Beauty

Angelina Jolie experienced a rare opportunity to shop without any interruption. She had a solo shopping spree at Saint Laurent in Beverly Hills one Thursday night where she enjoyed shopping in total privacy. The actress opted for a natural look and did not wear any makeup during her visit. She spent time browsing through racks of black clothing, her favorite color, and also tried on various jewelry pieces.

She can afford it! Angelina Jolie enjoyed a private shopping spree in Beverly Hills at Saint Laurent on Thursday night

Angelina Jolie indulged in some high-end retail therapy at the Saint Laurent store in Beverly Hills on Thursday night. The Hollywood starlet was drawn to the selection of black blazers, leather jackets, and designer handbags on offer. Perhaps feeling a little chilly, she was spotted holding her bare arms while perusing the air-conditioned boutique. Angelina looked effortlessly stylish in a sleek black top, skinny jeans to match, and comfy flats. Her luscious dark locks cascaded naturally down her shoulders as she enjoyed her shopping spree.

Having a cuppa! The star sipped on a cup of tea as she perused some high heeled footwear 

Indulging in a warm drink! The famous person savored her tea as she casually scrolled through an assortment of high-heeled shoes.

Must be nice... The mega star had the designer store to herself

The famous celebrity must have felt like royalty, enjoying the ultimate luxury of having the entire designer store exclusively for herself.

Taking her pick: The 39-year-old went make-up free for the outing as she could be seen perusing racks of black clothing (her staple) and trying on various pieces of jewelry

As she embarked on her shopping excursion, the 39-year-old starlet chose to embrace a more subdued look, perusing through an array of black garments – a color that appears to be her default choice. With a cup of tea in hand, she took her time trying on various items of jewelry and admiring high-heeled shoes, particularly a captivating pair of jet-black stiletto booties. To ward off the chill, Angelina donned a matching black poncho, maintaining her signature preference for darker tones and avoiding any vivid hues. It seems that the multi-talented artist has an unmistakable affinity for all things shadowy.

Brrr: Angelina may have been in the mood for a coat as she could be seen clutching her bare arms in the most likely air conditioned shop

The store’s air conditioning was making it chilly inside, and Angelina appeared to be affected by it. She hugged her bare arms while browsing, perhaps considering the idea of buying a coat.

This one's nice: The Salt actress appeared to be interested in a black bootie

Hey, have you seen this? It looks like the actress from Salt is interested in a stylish black ankle boot!

Trying it on for size: Angelina checked out some bling under a glass case

Angelina could be spotted checking out some stunning pieces of jewelry that were carefully arranged under a glass case. It’s been more than a year since she tied the knot with her spouse, Brad Pitt, in a private ceremony held in France. The couple had been in a relationship for nine years before exchanging vows. Interestingly, they first met each other while working on the film ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith’ back in 2005. Confirming their engagement in 2012, they have six lovely children together, who go by the names of Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox, with ages ranging from five to thirteen.

Is it the right one? The star swiveled the ring on her finger as she admired its design

The star turned the ring while admiring the complex design etched onto her finger.

Making a turn: The actress has recently turned her career sights on directing with great success

Changing gears: The talented actress has successfully transitioned from acting to directing, marking a significant achievement in her career.

Standing by: A group of employees looked to be on hand to provide any help the star needed

Assistance was provided by a group of staff members to cater to the needs of a famous personality. This individual has recently made a career shift towards directing and her latest creation, Unbroken, has been met with critical acclaim and commercial success. Her directorial capabilities have been so impressive that even her father, Jon Voight, who is 76 years old, wishes to be a part of one of her upcoming movies. This would represent the ultimate sign of reconciliation between the two after Jolie’s partner, Brad, brokered a peace agreement between them in 2011 to put an end to their long-standing feud. Voight has expressed his desire to be cast in one of her films and hopes that dropping hints will capture his daughter’s attention.

Letting it grow! Brad Pitt was spotted arriving at LAX with a full greying beard on Friday afternoon

Letting it grow! Brad Pitt was spotted arriving at LAX with a full greying beard on Friday afternoon

On Friday afternoon, Brad Pitt was caught on camera at LAX airport sporting a full-grown grey beard. It seems like the actor is embracing a more natural appearance these days!

Stylish traveler: Brad looked chic in a slick black leather jacket as he was spotted solo at LAX 

Stylish traveler: Brad was spotted solo at LAX, rocking a fashionable black leather jacket that emitted a sense of refinement.

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