Angelina Jolie: the sexiest person in history!


qdokskRw.jpgEnlarge Angelina JolieTTO – Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has just been voted the sexiest person in history in a poll organized by British television channel BBC.

In addition, Jolie’s lover – Brad Pitt was also ranked third in the special poll “The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols” of all time, which was broadcast on BBC Channel 4 today. through February 24.

Ranked second is rock’n roll king Elvis Presley. Screen legend Marilyn Monroe ranked fourth and talented singer Beyonce Knowles ranked fifth.

It is worth mentioning that video game character Lara Croft ranked sixth in the poll and this is the only fictional symbol to make the top 10.

Handsome actor George Clooney ranked seventh (last year People magazine voted Clooney the sexiest man), followed by pop queen Kylie Minogue. Johnny Depp is extremely attractive in Pirates of the Caribbean ranked ninth. And today’s top sexy Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson ranked 10th.

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