“Behind the Scenes: Why a Luxury Brand Ended Their Partnership with Angelina Jolie After Spending 12 Million Dollars”

In 2005, St. John, a high-end fashion brand, made headlines by hiring Angelina Jolie as their spokesperson. The company paid a massive sum of 12 million dollars to secure the deal, ranking Jolie as one of the highest-paid celebrities for an advertising campaign at that period. Her stunning features, including her refined beauty, piercing gaze, sculpted jawline, and iconic plump lips, mesmerized viewers in the monochromatic promotional pictures. But, as time went on, their partnership hit a snag, and soon came to an end.

Angelina Jolie appeared absolutely gorgeous in her designer outfit made of wool, tweed, and leather. Her look was understated yet sophisticated, and there was an air of delicateness to her presence. This was a time when Jolie was happily living with Brad Pitt and their four kids. Unfortunately, it also marked the end of her collaboration with St. John, which may have been due to her captivating beauty and personal affairs.

Glenn McMahon, the former CEO of St John, admitted in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily (WWW) that Angelina Jolie’s fame had overshadowed the brand’s identity. McMahon shared that they wanted to steer away from celebrity endorsements and ditch the preference for blonde models. The objective was to showcase a new, modern take on St John and exhibit their willingness to embrace transformation.

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