“Big Apple Adventure: Pax Thien’s Fun-filled Trip with Mom and Sis”

Angelina Jolie’s Vietnamese adopted son, Pax Thien, stepped out in the bustling streets of New York City to spend some quality time with his family. His mother, along with his sisters Shiloh and Zahara, accompanied him during their outing earlier this week.

The mother and daughter were seen at a sushi restaurant on Monday evening.  Angelina Jolie is elegant in a long cream coat and high heels.  Second son Pax Thien, 19 years old, was comfortable in a T-shirt and black jeans while daughter Shiloh, 17 years old, wore a hoodie that covered her head.

On Monday evening, a sushi restaurant was graced by the presence of a mother with her daughter. Angelina Jolie exuded elegance with a stunning long cream coat and high heels. Her second son, Pax Thien, who is 19 years old, opted for a casual look with a T-shirt and black jeans. Meanwhile, Jolie’s daughter, Shiloh, aged 17, kept her head covered with a hoodie.

Adopted daughter Zahara, 18 years old, wore a black dress with a light sweater.

Angelina’s daughter Zahara, who is 18 years old and adopted, was dressed in a black dress and a light sweater for the outing. Her eldest son Maddox, who is 21, and the 14-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne did not accompany them on the trip.

Pax impresses with his solid, masculine appearance and tanned skin.

Pax’s robust and manly physique, coupled with his sun-kissed complexion, is truly striking.

Recently, the Jolie-Pitt family's teenage son began growing a beard, portraying the image of a mature young man.

Lately, the teenage son of the Jolie-Pitt family has been sporting a beard which makes him look more grown-up and mature.

That morning, Pax carried a professional camera and walked around the street with his mother.

In the early hours, Pax strolled through the streets with his mom, clutching a high-end camera in his hand.

Pax has a long-standing passion for photography, once taking behind-the-scenes photos for his mother at the filming set of First They Killed My Father in Cambodia in 2016. Currently, after graduating from high school, Pax works as a game artist and assistant. director for mother.

Pax’s love for photography has been with him for a while. He had the opportunity to capture some behind-the-scenes moments at the set of ‘First They Killed My Father’ in Cambodia in 2016, when he helped his mother. Since graduating from high school, Pax has been serving as a game artist and an assistant director under his mom’s guidance.

Angelina Jolie often spends time traveling with her children or taking them on business trips with her.  The 48-year-old star always tries to balance her role as a mother of six children with a busy job.  In addition to acting, Angelina is a film director, does charity work, is the ambassador of a French perfume brand and recently founded her own fashion brand.

Angelina Jolie likes to bring her kids along when she’s traveling or working. The famous actress, who is now 48 years old, tries to strike a balance between being a mother of six and her busy career. Along with acting, Angelina also directs films, does charity work, represents a French perfume company, and has even started her own fashion line.

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