“Breaking News: Angelina Jolie’s Teenage Daughter Takes a Bold Step and Shaves Her Head”

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt turned heads during a recent business trip to Jamaica with her mother and sister in celebration of her 17th birthday. Many people were surprised by her thin figure and spiked hairstyle, which made her almost unrecognizable. Despite Brad Pitt’s reluctance to share about his daughter, Shiloh has been dubbed the “Hollywood Princess” and is considered a special first daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. During their trip, they attended the 15th Calabash International Literary Festival held in Saint Elizabeth, where Shiloh’s spiked hair made headlines. Although she briefly experimented with a more feminine style, she has returned to her tomboy image which she is well-known for.

Angelina Jolie's daughter shaved her head at the age of 17 - Photo 2.

Angelina Jolie's daughter shaved her head at the age of 17 - Photo 3.

Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Shiloh, has recently been seen sporting a new androgynous look. In a series of photos, Shiloh can be seen wearing a baggy shirt, leading to some commenting on her weight. The new appearance has made many people unable to recognize her as the daughter of the famous movie star, Maleficent. The teenage girl is now taller than her mother and confidently escorts her throughout their trips. Alongside Shiloh and Angelina Jolie is Zahara, who was adopted during a charity trip in Africa. Shiloh identifies as a boy and has openly been a part of the LGBTQ+ community since childhood. She is often seen wearing a vest and cutting her hair short at events. Angelina Jolie has embraced her daughter’s identity and supports her choices without forcing her to conform to societal norms.

Angelina Jolie's daughter shaved her head at the age of 17 - Photo 4.

Shiloh, accompanied by her mother and sister, recently made a stunning appearance on the red carpet of the Eternals movie premiere. This came as a surprise to many as Shiloh was seen in a feminine dress and sporting long hair. Many praised her for looking like her famous mother, Angelina Jolie. Shiloh has always been a strong supporter of her mother’s humanitarian art projects and accompanies her mother on artistic activities and in daily life. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have 6 children, including three who are adopted. Following the divorce, Jolie has retained custody of their children who are very attached to their mother. When Shiloh had an accident and needed surgery, Jolie never left her daughter’s side throughout the ordeal. While the celebrity couple initially parted ways amicably, they eventually found themselves embroiled in a legal battle over child custody.

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