“Exclusive Collection of Angelina Jolie’s Vintage Nudes Now Available at London Gallery”

Uncommon monochrome photos featuring Angelina Jolie in her twenties, without any clothes on, are now available for purchase at a gallery in London for £1800. These exclusive images were captured by photographer Kate Garner in 1995 and showcase the actress sitting with her feet tied together using a smooth ribbon. Jolie’s iconic features are highlighted by bold makeup and lipstick as she poses for these artistic shots. Watch the video below for more details.

As you've never seen her before: Rare black and white photographs of a naked Angelina Jolie at aged 20 have gone on sale at London gallery for £1800

Uncommon monochrome images of a young Angelina Jolie baring it all at the age of 20 have been put up for sale at a London art gallery, priced at £1800. In these snapshots, Angelina can be seen flaunting her striking lean frame while shooting sultry looks at the camera. She showcases her dark eyes and sensational pout while flexing her toes in front of the lens.

Angelina, who turned forty this year, flaunted her angular physique as she gazed towards the camera in a sultry fashion in pictures taken twenty years ago

In photos captured two decades ago, Angelina, who recently celebrated her fortieth birthday, proudly displayed her slender figure while striking a sultry pose for the camera. Her striking good looks were accentuated by her long hair, which was pulled back to reveal her flawless face and perfectly manicured nails. In another image, Angelina gazed directly into the lens, showcasing her captivating eyes. While she is widely known as an accomplished director, Angelina’s latest project, a romantic drama co-starring her husband Brad Pitt, has generated buzz for its potential awards season success. The movie, titled “By The Sea”, has been chosen for an opening night world premiere at AFI Fest, solidifying its status as a strong awards contender.

Twenty years later: Angelina, pictured in 2014 in London at the Maleficent photo call, is still one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood

Angelina, who is still considered one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood, was photographed in London at the Maleficent photo call back in 2014, twenty years after she first gained fame. Her latest project is the film By the Sea, which brings her and Brad back together on screen since their hit movie Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005. The movie takes place in the mid-70s and follows the couple as they travel through France and face challenges in their marriage after meeting a younger couple in a coastal town. The trailer, which was recently released, hints at a tumultuous relationship between the two characters, with Angelina’s character shown taking pills and administering physical abuse against her partner amidst a picturesque scenery.

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