From Little Feline to Beloved Pet: A Heartwarming Story of Acceptance and Affection

The little feline blended seamlessly with her adoptive parent and was always seeking his affection.

Shelby Thorpe, the creator of Shelby’s Kitten SafeHouse based in Oregon, received a tip from a trap-neuter-return rescuer in early March about a litter of kittens. Unfortunately, only one kitten survived as the mother could not take care of them. This surviving kitten was in poor condition and needed to be bottle-fed, so Shelby decided to take her in. Upon bringing the kitten home, one of Shelby’s resident cats showed interest in the new addition.

The moment I realized I left the kitchen door open, I saw Polar, my cat, checking out the newest member of the family. I was more than delighted to see how he welcomed his new little sister with open arms, knowing that he would be a great big brother to her.

Unfortunately, Cleo, our new kitten, had fleas and signs of eye infections. Shelby, one of our family members, took it upon herself to clean her up, treated her eyes, and fed her round the clock.

The little one’s situation improved greatly with a cozy nest and a comforting toy that had a pulsating heart. The reassurance of having these things around constantly made a huge difference. The caretaker noticed an improvement in the little one’s health when she began feeding well from the bottle. Cleo, the name given to the little one, was overjoyed to have a full tummy and never have to suffer from hunger again.

As the pounds started piling up, her inquisitive nature grew and she started exploring the area to catch a whiff of the kitties living around her. “Polar was quick to show interest in the little feline who arrived in a carrier and spent the initial two weeks investigating as much as possible while abiding by quarantine regulations.”

After some time had passed, Cleo began to venture out of her cozy nest and explore her surroundings. She even started attempting to stand on her own two feet, becoming more playful and sociable with the other cats in the area. Shelby made sure to spend plenty of time snuggling with Cleo to let her know she was cared for. “At this stage, kittens usually start interacting with each other,” Shelby explained.

After getting the green light from the vet, Cleo was finally introduced to Polar. The eager feline had been eagerly waiting for this moment to formally meet the new addition. To everyone’s delight, Polar immediately took Cleo under his care, showering her with love and affection by cleaning her face and ears.

Shelby from Love Meow shared that Polar is being a responsible mother to her kitten. He likes to play around with her by gently jumping in her direction and walking over her as she fits under his long legs. During bath time, he even holds her with his front legs to make sure she doesn’t escape.

Whenever Baby Cleo is around Polar, she becomes ecstatic. She adores cuddling with him and soaking up all of his affection. Additionally, she has become very fond of snuggling with her caretakers and enjoys spending time on her foster mother’s lap.

Cleo overcame a difficult beginning and is currently flourishing thanks to a caring foster family. She dozes off every night with a grin on her face, feeling content knowing she’s appreciated.

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