“From Stray to Jet Setter: Adventures of Kittens on a Global Mission to Find Their Ideal Home”

A pair of feline siblings, discovered wandering the streets, embark on a journey across the ocean in search of their ideal forever home, united in their quest.

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Rafiki’s Redemption

The tale of two tabby kittens who were discovered wandering along the streets of Kuwait is one with a happy ending. Emaciated and severely ill, the duo was in dire need of assistance when the Kuwait Animal Aid rescue team came to their aid. One of the kittens had been born with a congenital abnormality, which resulted in a deformation on the right side of her face.
In addition to these kittens, another littermate was discovered, and all three were taken to a foster home, where they received round-the-clock care from the rescue workers.

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A group of volunteers from Kuwait Animal Aid discovered some kittens that were abandoned on the streets. The kittens were in poor condition, with two of them being sisters named Shiva and Vishnu, and the third kitten, Amani, suffering from a viral infection. However, the volunteers did not give up on them and worked tirelessly to nurse them back to health. Eventually, Shiva and Vishnu gained weight and showed signs of improvement, while Amani received proper treatment and care. Even though these kittens were considered unwanted, the rescue team refused to give up on them.

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Shiva, a cat under the care of Kuwait Animal Aid, has a missing right eye and a cleft nose. Despite her physical challenges, she remains lively and energetic, playing with her sister whenever she gets the chance. To help these adorable felines find their forever homes, Kuwait Animal Aid collaborates with partner rescues in the United States. Shiva and her sister were among those who were fortunate enough to make the journey to California, where loving families eagerly awaited their arrival.

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Kuwait Animal Aid sent some cats to Rafiki’s Rescue in Anaheim, so that Shiva could receive the necessary medical attention for her congenital condition. Upon arrival, the cats displayed immense affection and energy, which pleased Megan of Rafiki’s Rescue.

tabby kittens one eyed

Rafikis Rescue is home to many adorable kittens, but Shiva stood out as one of the most playful ones. She and her feline friends would bake biscuits through the night and play fetch during the day like a pack of dogs. However, her exuberance led to the discovery that Shiva was struggling with more than just being an energetic kitten- she would tire easily and pant heavily, trying to catch her breath. Despite her condition, Shiva remained lively and always on the go.

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Rafikis Rescue shared that after conducting a CT scan and gathering input from two experts, it was determined that there were no viable surgical solutions for Shiva’s intricate nasal cavity. However, the team remains optimistic as they believe that Shiva can still lead a joyful and fulfilling life with proper regulation of her playtime and environment temperature.

tabby kittens one eye

Rafikis Rescue is home to a remarkable cat named Shiva, who has only one eye but still lives life to the fullest. Her sister, Vishnu, is always by her side, either causing mischief or cuddling with her. Shiva doesn’t seem to realize that life could be any better than it already is, and she radiates joy every day.

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Rafikis Rescue’s two lovely sisters were rescued from the streets and brought to a different part of the world. With care and attention, they grew up to become gorgeous cats and now they are on a quest to find their forever home.

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Rafikis Rescue had a couple who fell in love with the playful personalities of their dogs. The organization allowed them to foster their pets with the option of adoption. The couple adored their new furry friends and the feeling was mutual as the pets also fell in love with their new owners and their fellow puppy companions.

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Enjoying the company of their recently adopted dog from Rafiki’s Rescue, the family spent some quality time snuggling with their furry friend. After months of dedicated care, Amani, the third littermate, also made a full recovery and was able to join her siblings at the rescue center. To ensure that all three dogs could find a loving home together, the family made the decision to bring Amani over to Rafiki’s Rescue. She arrived last month after completing her treatment and is now eagerly waiting for a forever home.

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Shiva and Vishnu have found their happy place in their forever home with Rafikis Rescue. They are enjoying the love and affection of their new family, who are happily showering them with endless snuggles and purrs.

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