Haaland’s Photos with Kim Kardashian Spark Worries among Fans.

There were some amusing comments among Man City supporters regarding striker Erling Haaland’s recent photos with the famous businesswoman and socialite, which they jokingly referred to as the ‘Kardashian curse’.

Haaland (blue shirt) took a photo with Kim Kardashian

Over the weekend, Haaland attended a Dolce & Gabbana event in Italy where he met Kim Kardashian. The two celebrities are both ambassadors for the fashion brand. Haaland’s girlfriend also accompanied him to the event. A photo of Haaland and Kardashian together was posted on social media, sparking half-joking comments from football fans about the supposed curse of being involved with the Kardashian family. This superstition has been talked about for a while in Hollywood, with rumors that men who date the Kardashians tend to have negative outcomes.

Haaland's girlfriend also attended the event with him.  Photo: GC Images

Haaland’s girlfriend accompanied him to an event where he was seen talking to Kim Kardashian. This sparked concerns among Man City fans who feared the “Kardashian curse” would prevent their team from winning any cups next season. On the other hand, Arsenal fans were relieved as they believed that the curse had been transferred to Haaland. The curse was blamed for Arsenal’s defeat in the Europa League round against Sporting Lisbon earlier this year when Kardashian and her son attended the match. Similarly, fans of Kylian Mbappe expressed their worry as the PSG striker also took photos with Kardashian at a recent party. In fact, when Kardashian posted a photo with Mbappe, a fan urged her to stay away from him. Moreover, when she attended the PSG vs Rennes match, PSG lost for the first time in 715 days, which added fuel to the curse theory.

Striker Kylian Mbappe took photos with Kim Kardashian at the US Independence Day party last week.  Photo: Instagram Kim Kardashian

Kylian Mbappe was spotted taking photos with Kim Kardashian during a US Independence Day party recently. On the other hand, Erling Haaland is making the most out of his summer break after winning the treble in his debut season with Man City. Instead of continuing to hang out with his father and friends in Ibiza, the Norwegian striker opted for a relaxing vacation with his girlfriend in St Tropez before heading back to his team for the new season preparations later this month.

Interestingly, Haaland was actually born in England back in 2000 while his father played for Leeds United. Today, he stands as one of the most prominent football superstars in the world. Despite being not yet 23 years old, he has already made quite a name for himself through his youth team in Bryne, Norway, Molde, Red Bull Salzburg, and ultimately, Borussia Dortmund. And last summer, he joined Man City, quickly becoming the shining star of the Premier League.

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