Introducing Big Floppa: The Furry Online Sensation – A Meme-tastic Celebrity!

The internet has been taken by storm by a feline called ‘Big Floppa’. This cat is not your ordinary house cat and resides in Russia. Its image has become popular to create memes, T-shirts, and phone applications on social media platforms. Andrei Bondarev, a videographer from Moscow, shared an image of his pet having a meal on Instagram in April 2018. The short-haired cat with a large elongated nose, bright green eyes, and very long tufted ears instantly went viral and became a sensation on social media sites like Reddit. The cat and his two companions, Matvei and Zhora, became bloggers and gained even more popularity in 2020 under the name ‘Big Floppa’ or ‘Kot Shlyopa’ due to his striking ears. However, the cat’s real name is Gosha, and he belongs to the caracal species, which is similar in appearance to a lynx. Although native to Africa, Asia, and India, Gosha was born on December 21, 2017, in a Ukrainian cattery specializing in wild cats.

In the month of April 2018, he made his way to Moscow and found a new abode with the Bondarev family comprising of Andrei and his spouse, Yelena, or Lena. While browsing through the internet, they found a picture of a fascinating wildcat which sparked their interest in owning one. After a year of research and expert opinions, they eventually decided to adopt a caracal – fulfilling their dream.

Gosha and Matvei

Georgy and his furry gang embarked on a grueling minibus journey that spanned over 24 hours to get to Moscow. The latest addition to the family, Gosha, was initially hesitant about exploring their new apartment. Fortunately, Matvei, an older cat who had been adopted from an animal shelter, was there to lend a helping paw, and over time, Gosha became more at ease in their new abode. Zhora, on the other hand, was not thrilled with Gosha’s arrival and took some time to warm up to him and their owners. However, after a few weeks, Zhora and Gosha became close pals. Although litter box training proved to be a bit of a challenge, Yelena assured Georgy that it is a common feline behavior and can be easily remedied. Despite these minor setbacks, Gosha continues to be an energetic and playful kitten.

Gosha and Zhora

Yelena takes great care of her caracal, Gosha, by providing him with a well-balanced diet consisting of turkey, rabbit, and other wholesome ingredients. It’s apparent that Gosha has developed a strong bond with Yelena and considers her his human. Interestingly enough, he exhibits traits that are typically associated with canines, such as unwavering loyalty towards Yelena. Despite this, Gosha is uncomfortable with being left alone and is wary of strangers.

According to Andrei, Georgy has a tendency to exhibit aggressive behavior. During his leisure time, he often rips apart the cardboard pieces given to him by Andrei and Yelena. Unfortunately, this destructive habit extends beyond just cardboard – he also causes damage to furniture and wallpaper.

According to Andrei, his cat Gosha can be a handful as the furry feline has a habit of clawing through walls, leaving behind deep grooves that are impossible to repair. Additionally, Gosha even managed to scratch Andrei’s television while engrossed in watching Animal Planet. Despite these destructive tendencies, Gosha became an overnight sensation on the internet in early 2020 when a photo of him lounging on a windowsill with his buddy Zhora went viral. The photo spawned a plethora of memes, demotivational posters, and manipulated images that started circulating in meme communities on Instagram before gaining popularity on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

Yelena recounted the tale of discovering Gosha’s online fame thanks to a friend of her husband who also owned a caracal. Initially, they were pleased to witness Gosha’s growing popularity and posted several pictures of him. Nevertheless, Yelena experienced discomfort upon seeing Gosha being used in memes that promoted divisive political agendas or offensive content related to Nazism, racism, or homophobia. She regards such exploitation of Gosha as wholly intolerable and denounces it.

A fresh mobile application for Big Floppa was recently launched on the Google Play App Store during spring 2021. It presents Gosha, or Gregory if you prefer English names, moving on your screen as you tap your device. The app has received abundant acclaim from its users, and it is accompanied by a vast selection of positive feedback.

Someone recently commented on how much they loved the game, praising its engaging content and even mentioning a few spooky moments that made them jump. They were surprised when they clicked on Shlyopa (Floppa) and heard him growl. The game is already comprehensive enough and doesn’t require any extra features. Yelena brought up concerns about Gosha’s monthly expenses, explaining that while some supporters donate to help other cats, the donations are not enough to cover basic necessities like food and litter which can cost around 20-25,000 rubles ($270-$340).

In addition, the Bondarev household ensures that their beloved pet cat, Gosha, receives regular check-ups and vaccinations with a specialist who is well-equipped to handle wild cats. Although he has a distinct background, they treat him like any other domestic cat. However, due to his size, Gosha requires extra attention and caution during playtime as his injuries can be more severe compared to smaller felines. Additionally, bigger cats tend to cause more damage indoors. Nevertheless, Yelena stresses that regardless of their size or heritage, a cat is cherished as a beloved feline companion.

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