Kate Hudson struts it on the catwalk in boots that were made for dancing

Miss Hudson has many a film under her belt like “How to lose a guy in 10 days” and “Raising Helen”.  Almost everyone who has spent time with Kate Hudson -including directors, family members, co-stars and interviewers – is quick to comment on her ability to light up a room.  Through some combination of a winning smile, solid work ethic, and good old-fashioned talent, the young actress has gone from indie beginner to Vanity Fair cover girl in just three years.

WIth two famous Parents Goldie Hawna and Kurt Rusell who is not her birth father but she classes him as her dad.  Perhaps Hudson’s biggest break was landing the role of rock groupie in Penny Lane in Almost Famousin 2000. The part was originally intended for Sarah Polley but she backed out to pursue another project. Hudson, who had been cast in a smaller role (as William’s stewardess sister), begged for a chance to read for Penny. Crowe was impressed, Hudson got the part, and the show went on.  As much as Tinseltown gossipmongers would like to put them at odds, mother and daughter agree that Hawn is one of Hudson’s biggest supporters.  Kate has never been particularly close to her birth father, musician Bill Hudson and as written above she considers her true “Pa” to be Hawn’s longtime partner, Kurt Russell, who has lived with the family since she was three. Just a little about her!


The music started, giant fans whirled and Kate Hudson strutted on to the catwalk, spun around and shook her booty.  She was wearing a black tasselled sixties ensemble, that barely covered her, booty  with matching knee-high boots and wide weaved black tights.

Surrounding her were a groups of male dancers in grey suits, white shirts and black Ray-Bans who, as she got into the seductive beat of the song Cinema Italiano, picked her up and flipped her over.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is seductive in rehearsals for Nine, a musical loosely based on the Broadway hit from 20 years ago

Then the music stopped. ‘Did my boobs fall out during that?’ Kate asked award-winning director Rob Marshall, who was huddled over a monitor studying playbacks of the scenes cinematographer Don Beebe’s team had just filmed on four cameras.

Kate Hudson: asked at the end “Did my boobs fall out during that?’  No don’t think so Kate and if hey did I am sure oit will be front page news soon.

The movie in question is Nine, it’s a musical loosely based on the stage show that was a hit on Broadway a couple of decades ago.  The picture stars Daniel Day-Lewis playing Guido Continias an Italian director in crisis – mainly over the women in his life. Those very same women come to his aid in fantasy, and reality.  It is a musical and Guido, who is in his middle age, is trying to complete his next film.  His main problem is that he has too many women in his life.  Luisa, his wife, Carla his sexy mistress, and Claudia, his muse and protege.  So the guy is a bit of a flirt then.

‘Kate suggested we should have a social with both casts, and wear name tags,’ Harvey told me. During the summer, I had observed Marshall and his team of choreographers audition chorus girls.  The audition number was Cinema Italiano, so I knew the moves intimately. One of the film’s executives noted: ‘This time there are more girls, and they’re wearing less.’

He was right. Framing Kate and her dancing ‘boys’ were similarly clad women following every bump and grind. I marvelled at how much in sync they were. Much to do, no doubt, with Marshall’s six weeks of rehearsals.

The film’s other leading ladies – Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Sophia Loren and Fergie – each has their own musical moment, and individual colour palette to go with it. Filming continues into December in Middlesex, followed by three weeks of shooting on locations in Italy.

Kate Hudson in Nine


Kate is part of a star-studded ensemble in film Nine, starring, left to right, Judi Dench, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Daniel Day-Lewis.

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