“Left to Fend for Herself: The Heartbreaking Story of a Starving, Abandoned Dog Who Never Found a Loving Home”

Just picture the agony that this poor pooch must have gone through. Once upon a time, she was cherished by her owners, who fed her on schedule and provided her with a cozy place to snooze. However, following an illness, she was heartlessly deserted on the pavement. Although she looked for assistance, nobody ever stepped up to offer her a refuge.

Luckily, despite being over 100 kilometers away, O. Gouveia made every effort to save a distressed dog. She promptly located the frightened canine cowering in a corner. The pooch, who was named Mafalda afterwards, was undernourished and had lost half of her fur. Nevertheless, despite her frail state, she behaved impeccably on the trip to the veterinarian.

During the vet’s examination, it was found that Mafalda was in decent health except for her stomach which was very ill. Luckily, O. Glauber stepped up to offer assistance in caring for her. Despite her charming personality, Mafalda was experiencing troubles with eating.

Glauber Oliveira had to create a special diet to assist Mafalda. She solely consumed this food for a week and gradually introduced raw food to her diet after 10 days. By October 15th, Mafalda’s digestive system had almost entirely recovered thanks to the specialized diet. The final assessment confirmed that she could eat regularly again.

Mafalda is finally receiving the care and affection she deserves from her loving new Godfather. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that led to her previous suffering, it’s heartwarming to see her thriving in a safe and caring environment. Rather than dwell on the past, let’s look forward to a bright future for Mafalda.

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