“Meet Sherman: The Giant, Yet Loveable Lapdog Weighing 154 Pounds”

Meet Sherman, the charming pup of the Newfoundland breed tipping the scales at 154 pounds. He has a quirky habit of viewing himself as a lapdog and enjoys using his human companions as a cozy pillow. Despite being the largest canine in the household, Sherman remains oblivious to his colossal dimensions and revels in cuddling with his owners.

Meet Sherman, the lovable canine who has only just turned 18 months old and still has plenty of growing to do. As he reaches his third year, his weight will continue to increase, with approximately 28 more pounds to gain. This means that Sherman is going to get even bigger! Although he is already a large dog, his obstinacy is undeniable, as evidenced by amusing videos shared by his owners, Elliot and Beverley, showing him stubbornly refusing to go outside for a bathroom break.

Elliot and Beverley have a special place in their hearts for their big furry companion, even though he poses some challenges for them. They show their affection for him by spending $6,000 on him every year. Sherman, their gentle giant, believes he is a lapdog, which his owners find amusing. Although his loving personality can be messy and overwhelming at times, they appreciate his warm and friendly nature. Sherman is a cherished companion who loves everything and everyone around him.

In 2022’s February, our family got a new member, a large and fluffy furry friend that we adopted from a breeder located in Poland. With his charming personality and enormous size, he became an instant sensation in our town as people often stop by to take pictures and bask in his delightful aura.

Being a proud fur parent of Sherman, there are responsibilities and costs that go along with it. Monthly, my significant other and I find ourselves spending over $150 on dog food alone. Our lovable giant has an affinity for all things edible and often drools amusingly when he sees us eating. It’s important to watch his diet as he is still in the developmental stage until he reaches three years old. Due to his size, we always have to make sure we keep in mind his special requirements and cater to his distinct needs.

Despite the challenges and expenses that come with owning a large pet, Elliot finds joy in his adorable companion, Sherman. The lovable pooch has even formed an unlikely friendship with a ginger cat named Kodi who lives nearby and whom he lovingly watches over the fence.

Beverly has come up with a unique nickname for herself in relation to Sherman – she likes to call herself his “human dog cushion”. This sweet term of endearment demonstrates the deep affection they have for their beloved furry friend and how they are always ready to provide him with comfort. They acknowledge that taking care of a big dog like Sherman may have its difficulties, but they wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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