Top 10 Coolest Tattoos of Angelina Jolie and their Symbolism

Most of us are familiar with Angelina Jolie, the renowned actress who is admired for her stunning looks and charming personality. However, what many of us may not know is that she is also an ardent lover of tattoos. Her latest tattoo designs are frequently featured in various newspapers and magazines. She has numerous tattoos on her body and enjoys experimenting with new designs regularly.

Angelina Jolie’s tattoos are a stunning addition to her already gorgeous appearance. She has a total of 9 tattoos, and her arm tattoos are particularly noteworthy. These tattoos comprise geographical coordinates that cover the space where a dragon tattoo and the name of her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton were once etched. The coordinates hold significant meaning for Angelina, as they represent various locations close to her heart. Here’s what they signify:

Angelina Jolie has a unique and well-traveled family, with her children being born in various locations around the world. Her son Maddox was born in Cambodia, while her daughter Zahara was born in Ethiopia. Shiloh, her daughter with Brad Pitt, was born in Namibia, and her son Pax Thien was born in Vietnam. Her twins Vivienne and Knox were born in France. Interestingly, Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma.

Another interesting fact about Angelina is her love for tattoos. She has a large Bengal tiger tattoo on her lower back, which measures 12 inches by 8 inches. The tiger tattoo design is a widely popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2004, Angelina Jolie got a tattoo in Bangkok to commemorate her Cambodian citizenship. This tattoo was created using a traditional Thai method with a manual needle and took two hours to complete. The tattoo features the number “xiii-13” on her arm.

Angelina sported a tattoo on her left inner arm which conveyed her disregard for superstitions, as the number 13 is often viewed as an unlucky number in various cultures worldwide.

On her arm, just below the elbow, Angelina Jolie sports an Arabic tattoo that translates to ‘determination.’ This ink reflects her unwavering resolve in both her personal and professional pursuits. In addition to this tattoo, Jolie also has a mother tattoo art that is significant to her.

Angelina Jolie’s palm bears a tattoo of the letter M, which she got in honor of her late mother Marcheline Bertrand. It’s a beautiful tribute that represents her love for her mom. Additionally, Jolie has a lettering tattoo on the back of her neck as well.

A tattoo etched on Angelina Jolie’s shoulder reads ‘Know Your Rights’ in bold gothic font. Interestingly, this phrase is also the title of a song by one of her favourite bands. It’s a testament to how music can have a profound impact on our beliefs and values. Another tattoo on her shoulder is a Buddhist Pali incantation, reflecting her spiritual beliefs.

Angelina Jolie has a tattoo on her left shoulder that she got done at a hotel in Pathum Thani, which is situated approximately 16 miles north of Bangkok. The tattoo consists of a Buddhist Pali incantation written in Khmer script, which is the official language of Cambodia. The purpose of this tattoo was to protect her son Maddox and herself from any unfortunate events or bad luck. In addition to this tattoo, Angelina also has a cross tattoo on her hip.

Angelina Jolie has a large cross tattoo on her wrist area that covers up the remnants of a small dragon tattoo. The tattoo also includes a Latin phrase, “Quod me nutrit me destruit,” which translates to “what nourishes me, destroys me.”

Many people are fond of getting a rune-style tattoo, particularly the Norwegians who consider it as their favorite design. Angelina Jolie has a similar tattoo on her wrist which appears like a letter H in rune style. While there are various speculations about its significance, some believe that it indicates her affection for either her former partner Timothy Hutton or her brother James Haven. Regardless of the tale behind this tattoo, the design itself is simply charming.

Let’s talk about the tattoos that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have.

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