“Trossard’s Heartwarming Endeavor: Bridging the Generational Gap through Red Court in His Hometown”

NOBLE MISSION: Trossard Unites Generations with Red Court in Hometown

Leandro Tossard is currently performing admirably at Arsenal FC.

The Red Devils experienced their greatest achievement in Belgium at the Genk race. Today, they are returning to their football roots and opening the second Belgian Red Court on the territory of Limburg, together with Mayor Wim Dries. The KBVB aims to unite people of all ages through football with the help of these social football fields, making the sport more accessible and promoting social cohesion in Genk.

Starting from 2022, ƙBVB has been renovating old football fields into modern mini football arenas, with the support of players from Proximus, Adidas, and National Lottery. After completing projects in Lіeг, Hasselt, Sint-Niklaas, Lokeren, and Waregem, the latest city to receive the honor is Genk, where the new red Court will be available for hobbyists. This is just the beginning, as ƙBVB plans to create a total of 40 red Courts in the upcoming years.

Leandro Trossard, a former racing Genk captain and player of 120 games, has been appointed as an ambassador for Genk. He played a crucial role in helping the club win the title in 2019. Recently, Trossard inaugurated Genk’s red court by kicking a ball with Mayor Wim Dries and the youth of Genk.

As a former football player, I have a lot of gratitude towards Genk. The youth team and the first team gave me some amazing moments. Although I have been playing overseas for several years now, the people of Genk have not forgotten me and always greeted me warmly. It feels great to be able to give back to the city that has given me so much. I hope that one day a future Red Devil will kick their first ball on this Red Stadium, but more importantly, I wish for it to become a gathering place for the people of Genk. This is my sincere expression of gratitude towards Genk.

The opening ceremony of the Red Stadium in Genk marks the beginning of various activities that take place on the decorated football field. Alongside soccer matches, other soccer-related events are also organized to foster social cohesion in the city. To achieve this goal, the local non-profit organization Gigos partners with the stadium management to organize these events.

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