“Unbelievable Encounter: When Karim Benzema Met His Biggest Fan”

The Real Madrid soccer team has recently landed in Montreal to get ready for the 2016 International Champions Cup exhibition game. As usual, the players are greeted by passionate supporters upon their arrival. However, when Karim Benzema and his fellow teammates encounter such zealous fans in this city, they become apprehensive. The crowd not only clamors for autographs, but also frantically pushes and shoves one another just to snap a picture with their beloved star, causing a frenzied atmosphere outside the hotel.

The scene of fans jostling to take pictures with their idols

In Canada, fans of Real Madrid were seen eagerly trying to take pictures with the team during a friendly tournament. However, their star players were notably absent, with some taking time to rest and recover ahead of the new season. This included Cristiano Ronaldo, who was holidaying in Ibiza with his family after leading Portugal to Euro 2016 victory, and Gareth Bale, who recently got engaged and was also on vacation with his family in Spain. Several other players, including Pepe, Luka Modric, James Rodriguez, Sergio Ramos, Toni Kroos and Lucas Vazquez, were given extra time off after representing their countries at Euro 2016. The exception to this was Karim Benzema, who was still present at the tournament despite his involvement in a scandal involving sex tapes and blackmailing of teammates during the last Euro. While his French teammates were competing, Benzema had already gone on an early summer vacation in the US.

Zidane and his students were in Montreal to start the North American tour.

Zidane and his pupils arrived in Montreal to kick off their North American excursion.


About to enter the hotel, the incident occurred

Just as I was about to step into the hotel, something unexpected occurred.

A crazy fan broke through the security fence to approach Benzema

A zealous supporter managed to bypass security measures to get close to Benzema.

Security then appeared and promptly intervened

Soon after, security showed up and took immediate action.

Benzema was

Benzema was released quickly, amidst a commotion outside the hotel.

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