“Underneath the Spotlight: Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Intimate Apparel During Live Performance”


Selena Gomez wowed the crowd at the American Music Awards (AMAs) in Los Angeles on November 19 during her first live performance since undergoing kidney transplant surgery in May. The singer lit up the stage with her latest hit, “Wolves.”


In her delicate satin attire, Selena experienced numerous awkward moments while performing on stage.


As the beauty frolicked with the dancers, her undergarments were inadvertently exposed.


The woman vocalist caught the eye due to the artificial bloodstains splattered all over her physique, representing the agony that comes after fighting with wolves amidst the dense woods.



Selena’s rendition of “Wolves” left the audience feeling emotional, but post-show, several spectators expressed doubts about the authenticity of her vocals.


Selena has been receiving a lot of comments on social media about her lip syncing during performances. Despite this, her fans remain loyal and supportive, believing that her health is not in the best condition to perform live.


After completing the show, the appearance of the stunning performer seemed weary and melancholic.


Selena’s melancholic on-stage picture was also shared widely by her followers across various social media platforms.


There are varying opinions on Selena’s mood before the awards ceremony. Some speculate that she may have been under stress, while others believe that her sadness was due to the absence of Justin Bieber, who did not attend to support her.

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