Unintentionally Spreading Festive Joy: The Curmudgeonly Feline of the Nativity Scene

This plump, grayish-orange feline had recently taken up a cozy spot to observe the happenings of the world. He glared out with a grouchy expression, not at all interested in lifting anyone’s spirits. However, something unexpected occurred and it was all thanks to him.

Brooke Goldman, a photographer, found herself on a chilly autumn sidewalk in New York City last Sunday, accompanying her boyfriend to catch his train. Although she wanted to be in bed, she decided to walk with him. She was feeling groggy and eager to return to bed as soon as possible. However, everything changed when she spotted something that caught her attention and left her captivated.

Brooke Goldman came across a peculiar sight of a plump feline comfortably nestled in the manger of a small nativity scene nearby. The unsatisfied cat seemed to relish the quiet admiration received from the figurines present, without any concern for taking over the designated area or disrespecting its original purpose. However, Goldman’s response was quite different as she burst into laughter.

After encountering a grumpy cat on her way home, Brooke Goldman’s day was instantly brightened. The furry feline may have been unaware of its impact on Goldman’s mood, but the encounter left her feeling uplifted and joyful. To share the holiday cheer, Goldman captured photos of the less-than-jolly kitty, recognizing that a good animal picture has the power to heal anything. In the end, even a Scrooge-like cat can bring happiness during this season of merriment and laughter.

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