“Unwinding with Loved Ones: Angelina Jolie’s Stylish Day Out in LA with Her Kids as She Navigates High Legal Fees and Divorce Struggles”

Despite the challenging custody dispute with her former partner Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie displayed remarkable composure. In a recent outing in Los Angeles, the actress treated her children – Shiloh (12), Zahara (13), Vivienne (10), and Knox (10) – to some fun under the sun. Despite the scorching heat, Jolie appeared calm and relaxed as she walked along the street with her kids.

Angelina Jolie continued to keep her mind off things as she once again took her children Shiloh, 12, Zahara, 13, Vivienne, 10, and Knox, 10, out in Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie was spotted in Los Angeles spending quality time with her little ones – Shiloh, Zahara, Vivienne, and Knox. She looked effortlessly chic in an all-black outfit accompanied by dark high heels. Her luscious locks flowed down her shoulders while her eyes were protected by oversized sunglasses. Angelina appeared calm and composed as she walked alongside her children, keeping a watchful eye on young Knox. It was evident that the family was enjoying their day out in the lively City of Angels.

Sating clam: The actress, 43, looked relaxed as she followed her children down a street during a hot day in Los Angeles

Basking in the warmth of the sun, the Hollywood star, who is 43 years old, seemed calm and relaxed as she walked down the street with her children in tow.

Stylish: Angelina kept it chic and stylish in an all-black ensemble and dark high heels as she made her way outside

Stylish: Angelina’s sleek black ensemble and elegant high heels made her look incredibly stylish when she stepped out.

Protective: She let her hair fall across her shoulder and protected her vision with a large pair of sunglasses

Be cautious: She casually tossed her hair to one side and covered her eyes with a set of large sunglasses using just a quick flick of her wrist.

Doting mom: Angelina kept it chic and stylish in a flowing black dress and nude high heels as she made her way outside

Angelina, a doting mother, appeared stylish and chic in her comfortable black dress and nude-colored high heels, as she walked out.

Doting mom: Angelina Jolie continued to keep her mind off things as she once again took her children Shiloh, Zahara, Vivienne, out in Los Angeles on Friday

Angelina Jolie, the loving mom, spent a delightful day with her youngsters Shiloh, Zahara and Vivienne. They opted for a challenging activity at an Escape Room in Hollywood to put their thinking abilities to the test on Friday, allowing Angelina to take a break from other thoughts.

Family time: Her children appeared happy, following what looked to be another fun-filled day out in the City of Angels

Hanging out with loved ones is truly priceless! It was a joy to see the little ones beaming with happiness after an adventure-filled day discovering the amazing sights and attractions of LA.

Family: Angelina had a smile on her face as she followed her children outside on Friday

With a big smile on her face, Angelina was happily leading her young children outside on a Friday.

Follow the leaders: The children led the way for their mother, who had her hand placed upon Knox's shoulder

The mother trailed her kids who were leading the way, and she gently laid her hand on Knox’s shoulder.

On the go: Jolie looked chic and sophisticated in her glossy heels and black dress

Jolie looked absolutely chic with her shiny high heels and fashionable black dress while on the go.

The clan enjoyed their Friday at a gaming center, which is a regular spot for them, and even stopped by twice the day prior. Nevertheless, Brad and Angelina haven’t reached an agreement yet, even though they’ve already racked up a whopping $5 million in legal fees. Interestingly, recently unearthed papers from The Blast disclosed that a judge has instructed the actress to grant Pitt frequent visitation.

Summer fun: Jolie's children looked relaxed after what must have surely been another fun-filled day at the game room

More developments: The family out comes around the same time as documents from The Blast revealed that the actress was ordered  by a judge to Pitt has regular visitation

Jolie’s children seemed relaxed and at ease, probably because they had another fun-filled day playing in the game room during their summer break.

Making their way: Jolie followed after her son as she placed a hand upon his shoulder

Jolie walked alongside her son with a relaxed demeanor, placing her hand on his shoulder. A recent court order was released on July 11, granting Pitt four hours with the children every other school day and twelve hours on non-school days while they work out their agreement. Additionally, the order mandated that Jolie and the children return to the United States, after they had traveled to England during the production of Maleficent’s sequel. The legal teams representing both parties are scheduled to attend another hearing on August 21.

Off they go: The Tomb Raider actress looked after her children as they headed into the car

The Tomb Raider star conscientiously kept an eye on her kids as they got into the vehicle.

Legal saga: Pitt (above in January) and Jolie's legal teams will return to court for a further hearing August 21

The legal dispute between Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is scheduled to proceed as their attorneys appear in court on August 21. Although they are close to reaching a custody settlement, rumors indicate that Angelina’s reported meddling has adversely affected Brad’s rapport with their kids. TMZ claims that Angelina has been causing a rift between Brad and their six children, especially with his sons, causing significant tension in the family dynamics.

Strained: While a custody agreement between Pitt and Jolie is nearly finalized, relationships between Brad and his kids are said to be strained because of Angelina 'not allowing the children to properly interact with their father.' The couple are seen in 2015 above

As per sources, Angelina Jolie’s alleged limitations on Brad Pitt’s communication with their children have caused strain on their relationship. Despite nearing completion of a custody arrangement, the situation appears to remain uneasy for Pitt and his kids. The accompanying image is from 2015 and portrays the former couple.

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