When a Rattlesnake Attacked: A Dog’s Battle for Survival

Rattlesnake Latches Onto Dog & Bites Him 5 Times As Dog Tries To Break Free

A dog was attacked by a rattlesnake that latched onto him and bit him five times. The poor dog was desperately trying to break free from the venomous snake’s hold.

Toad, the adorable German Shorthaired Pointer was out exploring the outdoors in his hometown of Kuna, Idaho when he encountered a dangerous rattlesnake. Unfortunately, the sneaky snake was able to bite him five times before his owner, Fritz Brownell, came to his rescue. When Fritz reached Toad, he saw not one, but several snakes wriggling around. Thankfully, Fritz was brave enough to put himself in between the snakes and Toad to save his beloved pet.

Toad’s owners rushed him to the vet upon realizing he had been poisoned, but unfortunately, it was too late. The poison had already taken its toll, and Toad was experiencing bleeding from his lips and gums. When the veterinarians examined him, they discovered that he had been bitten multiple times on various parts of his body, including both sides of his face and his front left leg. Despite swelling up immediately, Toad was given an anti-venom injection that ultimately saved his life. Although his owners initially feared that he wouldn’t make it, Toad managed to pull through. As he continues to recover, Toad’s owners want other pet owners to be careful when in areas where rattlesnakes might be found.

Idaho Fish and Game recommends that pet owners keep their furry companions on a leash while taking walks in the foothills or desert. This can help avoid any potential hazards and ensure the safety of both your pet and the surrounding wildlife.

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