A Heartbreaking Tale: A Pregnant Kitten Gets Abandoned by Her Family Due to the Presence of Dogs in Their House

Athena was introduced to Grace Redmond and her father as they were neighbors living just two homes away. Athena, a lovely pregnant cat, had already experienced the loss of those she cared for deeply in life. Whenever Grace’s father allowed her to play outside in the yard, Athena would watch the birds that were present there. Her favorite neighbor, Grace, began to notice her frequent visits and amiable nature, especially after her father returned home from work and fed and cuddled her. Athena would eagerly wait for him right outside his door.

Due to the conflict between Athena’s family dogs and her, she had no choice but to live outside. Athena often hid on her neighbor’s porch, where she exhibited signs of pregnancy for the first time. Grace reports that it was challenging to confirm her pregnancy because of her frail appearance.

Grace’s father was startled when he followed the sound of meows coming from under his porch, only to discover that Athena and her kittens had concealed themselves quite well. A few weeks later, to his surprise, he spotted Athena wandering around his yard with three little ones in tow. The protective mother had led them straight to his doorstep in an effort to protect and secure a future for them. Though hesitant at first due to his two elderly cats, Grace’s father eventually relented and agreed to take in the felines.

Grace narrates her experience of searching for three tiny cats in the sweltering heat of summer. She finally found them when they were about 8 weeks old and quite scared of her presence. While preparing food for all of them, Athena, the mother cat, was happy and followed their every move. Although the kittens were still a bit cautious, Athena exuded a sense of tranquility and happiness.

Despite Athena’s restlessness, she adapted effortlessly to her new home and seemed to grasp that living next door was meant to be. Grace reached out to a rescue organization for help in ensuring all the kittens received proper medical care, including spaying, neutering, and immunization.

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