“Experience the Azzini Elegance: A Unique 3-Bedroom Container Home Design”

Hello everyone,
Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new series on our Living in a Container blog. We will be showcasing various models of container houses designed by renowned architects from around the world.
In this article, we will be discussing a container house model designed by Architect Priscila Azzini. This stunning house has three bedrooms and is designed to provide natural lighting, making it energy-efficient. The entrance columns give the house an impressive look, while the roof-to-floor windows beautifully transform shipping containers into modern homes.
The ground floor includes an entrance hall, dining room, living room, kitchen, wine cellar, toilet, and laundry room. The second floor features three bedrooms, including one suite and two demi-suites. The backyard boasts a pool and mini golf course, with a rooftop barbecue area.
This magnificent house was constructed using four 40 FT HC shipping containers and offers numerous benefits over traditional building methods, such as faster build time, no need for foundation, and sustainability.
For more information on this project, visit Priscila Azzini’s website or social media pages.
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