Canine, Tethered for Years, Embraces the Sea for the First Time

When Herschel, the German Shepherd, gazed upon the ocean for the first time, he let out a shrill scream that sounded almost human-like. This reaction was not unexpected, given the difficult conditions he had endured in his formative years. It was a sad sight to see this poor canine, who had spent much of his early life chained up in a backyard filled with dirt. Herschel was so desperate for freedom that he had even tried to chew through the metal chain, resulting in his teeth becoming worn down. Fortunately, Herschel’s former owner did the right thing and surrendered him to Michelson Found Animals. Here, the dog received the medical attention and care he needed, improving his quality of life greatly.

Herschel had a difficult time finding a permanent home, as he had been adopted and returned to the shelter multiple times within a period of six months. This was due to the fact that Herschel lacked socialization during his initial years, causing him to have difficulty adjusting to new environments. In an effort to find Herschel a loving forever home, Michelson Found Animals reached out to Rocky Kanaka, the host of Dog’s Day Out, a show that grants neglected dogs a fun day out. Rocky took Herschel out for a day filled with delicious food, such as a doggy cupcake, and even introduced him to snow, which Herschel enjoyed. A viewer of Dog’s Day Out fell in love with Herschel and wanted to adopt him, prompting Rocky and Herschel to embark on a road trip to Los Angeles, where Herschel would finally have a permanent loving home.

During their road trip, Rocky took a pit stop at a beach to give Herschel the opportunity to witness the vast ocean for the very first time. As they made their way towards the shore, Herschel couldn’t contain his excitement and began barking with pure delight. Rocky was thrilled to see the young pup filled with such joy and happiness. Together, they played in the sand and surf, with Rocky grinning from ear to ear as he watched Herschel enjoy the warm waters.

Rocky expressed his love for Herschel and didn’t want to let him go, fearing he might swim away to San Diego. Thankfully, Herschel now happily resides with his mother in Los Angeles, where he can enjoy the ocean whenever he wants. Despite his past struggles, this adorable pup deserves all the beach time he desires!

Meet Herschel, a lovable pup with a heart of gold, despite having a difficult past. Get to know him better and witness his joyous water play by watching the video provided. Don’t forget to share this heartwarming story with your loved ones!

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