Unforgettable Moment: Formerly Chained Dog Experiences the Ocean for the First Time

When Herschel, the brave German Shepherd, laid eyes on the ocean for the very first time, he let out a scream that sounded like a human. It’s no surprise that life had been tough for Herschel during his first five years. He was often chained up in a backyard filled with dirt and had whittled down teeth from his attempts to free himself. Luckily, Herschel’s previous owner did the right thing and surrendered him to Michelson Found Animals where he could receive the medical treatment and care he needed.

Herschel, the dog, faced multiple instances of adoption and return to the shelter within six months due to his difficulty in adjusting to new environments. This was because Herschel lacked socializing as he was chained up for years. An animal welfare organization called Michelson Found Animals contacted Rocky Kanaka, the host of Dog’s Day Out, to help Herschel find a loving home. Dog’s Day Out gives dogs who have had a challenging life a day of fun and excitement. Rocky treated Herschel to delicious food such as a doggy cupcake and took him to play in the snow. A viewer of the show saw Herschel and fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. Since she lived in Los Angeles, Rocky accompanied Herschel on a road trip to his new forever home.

During their road trip, Rocky made a pit stop at a beach to give Herschel an opportunity to experience the vastness of the ocean firsthand. Once they arrived, Rocky and Herschel walked on the beach, and Herschel barked with pure delight. Seeing the youngster so happy filled Rocky’s heart with joy! They spent their time frolicking on the sand and playing in the water under the warm sun. Rocky’s beaming smile was evident as he watched the dog having the time of his life.

Rocky expressed his fondness for Herschel, not wanting to lose him as he might venture out to San Diego. Currently, Herschel is residing with his mother in Los Angeles and enjoys frequent beach visits. The pup’s love for the ocean is unmatched and after enduring so much, he deserves to indulge in his passion without any limitations.

Meet Herschel, an adorable dog who has had a rough life but has maintained his sweet personality. You can get to know Herschel and even watch him have fun in the water by watching the video provided below. Don’t forget to share this heartwarming video with your loved ones!

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